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Aquefir Development Protocols

Penned on the 2nd day of August, 2020. It was a Sunday.

An Aquefir Development Protocol, or simply ADP, is a document providing guidelines and specifications for a task or detail about software development. It is like a standard, but this word is avoided for reasons discussed elsewhere.


There is a common English idiom regarding the permanence of plans, rules or ideas where they are said to be “set in stone”. This may sound extreme, but it can be given contrast by pairing it with another idiom, “cast in iron”. When people say something is set in stone, more often they mean to say it is cast in iron; it is hard to erase, and difficult even to change in the slightest bit. By contrast, stone is hard to work with, but it is much more workable and breakable than iron. Where iron rusts in place or bends without breaking, stone chips away, breaking without bending. Stone keeps its texture even as it changes, and the natural erosions of time subsume it very well. But it doesn’t turn to dust without a fight. This difference in composition is the crucial metaphor for these Aquefir Development Protocols.

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