Do you want to learn about software faster and better?

Do you want your software projects to be able to last forever?

Then you have come to the right place.

There is a method to all of this madness we call programming.

Actually, there are several. I should know – getting to the bottom of these things is what I do for a living.

Most people don’t explore this too deeply, instead opting for the conventional wisdom. Here I will illustrate why you should give it a second look.

There are many things in the world of informatics I can teach you that have been misunderstood, or overlooked entirely. Learning about them can seriously improve your competitive advantage in both business and personal growth. Let’s talk about how.

With technology, there is a median of achievement near which most success appears. Whilst there are many noteworthy outliers, they are less likely to happen, which means this median is also a line of best fit.

The area in green is the world of low-tech. This is where you will find more normal business fare: talent acquisition, product–market fit, positioning and timing, and so on.

But I can help you with the area in blue. This is the world of hi-tech. This is where you find advantages that are not obvious even to consortia of scientists at world-class universities. Remember how Gates and Jobs knew about the personal computing revolution in the ‘70s, before even the people at Bell Labs or Xerox PARC? This is what I can help you find, if you desire.

Of course, this is not just limited to engineering!

This is where my consulting can deepen its value to you: how do I integrate my work across domains?

When knowledge mounts, the value therein can become very context-dependent. I can not only tell you what good it may do for you in the context of your work, but also proactively suggest certain approaches over others given your overarching goals. This helps tremendously in maximising what you get out of your time.

Think of it like a set of principles I can teach you. My approach is holistic, giving much benefit to adjacent disciplines in your work or company.

On to deliverables…

Okay, so you like the sound of all of this. What does this approach look like when it’s applied in the wild though? I’m a big fan of dogfooding, so I can show you. You can click on any of these images to view the pages they’re snapshots of, by the way.

Oración takes a refreshing approach to assembly language semantics, with full respect to the mechanicalist paradigm.

Pokémon Citrite is both a testament to my creative ability as well as my talent with embedded software engineering.

Simbel competes with everything from Sphinx to LaTeX, endeavouring to provide a single user experience for both interactive displays and printed books.

I can help make your software projects as well-thought-out as these projects are. If you implement it, I can make sure what you’re implementing is great. Further reading about my work can be done on the wiki or my weblog if you’re interested.

But other than that, why not reach out?

Email will be the quickest way to get to me. If you’re cool, you can also write me by letter. My address is:

PO Box 45
Raleigh, NC 27602
United States of America